Frequently Asked Questions

What does Health4Sure offer me?

  • Health4Sure helps you convert your Fixed Deposit into a fund for your health expenses. Under this scheme, your Fixed Deposit with Bank
  • If you are hospitalized or need to undergo diagnostic tests, you will be entitled to discounts ranging from 5 to 25%.
  • You can also get an unbiased opinion of how much your hospitalization should cost you, given your medical history and the hospital of your choice. Call the Vidal Health Case Management Team. The doctor who receives your call will ask you questions about your case history, find out which hospital you want to go to and based on past data, and obtain a quotation for you from your chosen hospital. This will help you get an accurate estimate of cost and length of stay. The team can also get you alternative quotes (up to 3 hospitals) from hospitals on the network to help you get a feel for market benchmarks.
  • Finally, you are entitled to a neutral medical opinion from Vidal Healthcare’s empanelled medical team. The empanelled specialists will require copies of your medical papers and can provide you with a second opinion within 72 hours.

What documents should I show during hospitalisation?

  • Show your Health4sure card and your photo identity proof.

Do I pay any Health4Sure service fees?

  • No, you don’t. Health4Sure is a valuable service brought to you in association with Your Bank and is managed by Vidal Healthcare. The Vidal Group has been in the healthcare business for 10 years and its group company is one of the top 3 Third Party Administrators for health insurance in India managing over 18 million lives.

How many times can I use the service?

  • You can use any of the services under Health4Sure, any number of times.

How long is the service available for?

  • The service is available for a period of 1 year from the date of creation of renewal of the Fixed Deposit.

What if a particular hospital or diagnostic center is not on the network?

  • If you contact Vidal Health’s customer care representative, the same can be made available for service within 15 days.

Are the discounts available on all tests and health check-ups?

  • Yes.

What happens when I get hospitalized?

  • You need to contact Vidal Health and fax us a pre-authorization form that’s available at our network hospitals. You can also download the form from our website. Our team will then coordinate with the hospital to make sure you do not have to pay any advance for admission. We will also negotiate discounts with the hospital for your stay there.

What happens when I am discharged from hospital? How do I pay?

  • Once discharged your bills will be sent to Vidal who in turn will inform your bank about the amount to be paid post claim processing and the bank will contact you for further payment procedure by utilizing your fixed deposit.
  • At the diagnostic center you can pay as per the discounted rates confirmed by Vidal to you for your tests.