About Health4Sure

The Vidal Group has been in the business of healthcare administration and management since 2002. The group has interests in Health Insurance administration, Corporate Wellness Solutions and Primary care clinics. We believe that health is best managed in a way that moves you to wellness. Our approach is data-based and uses a mix of clinical skills and health management metrics to help customers to take specific, measurable steps to move to a pre-defined goal. The Indian market has seen high medical inflation in the last 10 years. At the same time, medical insurance penetration among the urban middle class has stagnated. Our research shows that most consumers above the age of 45 believe that they will have to pay as they goal for healthcare. In other words, they will have to save, and hope for the best. We believe that this is a critical market gap. Hence Health4Sure. 


Health4Sure product helps you convert your Fixed deposit into a health management fund, so that you are able to benefit from our expertise in aggregating and managing Groups. Health4Sure includes a combination of access to advice, metrics and discounts. Our doctors help you chose the best hospital in your locality based on your medical needs. They are neutral, credible experts who are not affiliated with any hospital they are able to apply their expertise and data benchmarks about medical costs.


For any clarifications call 080-49166710 and speak to our doctors.